Relocation Customer Service Contacts

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Regional Relocation Offices

Atlanta - Serving the Greater Atlanta Area.
5950 Bethelview Road
Cumming, GA 30040
Office: 770.887.5950
Toll-Free: 866.401.8228
Fax: 678.455.7371

Chattanooga - Serving the Greater Chattanooga Area, North Georgia, East TN and Huntsville, AL.
1510 Gunbarrel Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Office: 423.296.1444
Toll-Free: 800.446.2830
Fax: 423.296.1445

Little Rock - Serving the Greater Little Rock Area, Hot Springs, and Northwest AR.
11600 Kanis Road
Little Rock, AR 72211
Office: 501.978.0902
Toll-Free: 866.253.5333
Fax: 501.978.0903

Memphis - Serving the Greater Memphis Area, West TN, East AR and MS.
6525 Quail Hollow, Suite 400
Memphis, TN 38120
Office: 901.758.5660
Toll-Free: 800.243.9922
Fax: 901.758.5690

Nashville - Serving the Greater Nashville Area, Middle TN and Southern KY.
5111 Maryland Way, Suite 206
Brentwood, TN 37027
Office: 615.221.0444
Toll-Free: 800.373.8893
Fax: 615.370.9736


Judy Stocks
Corporate Services
Relocation Director


East Tennessee / North Georgia / Huntsville, AL

Julie Martin
Relocation Director
423.296.1444 x.270

Cara Janisch
Referral Manager
423.296.1444 x.269

Michele Kamp
Corporate Listing Manager
423.296.1444 x.284


Little Rock

Tammy Cheney, CRP, RCC
Vice-President and Director
501.217.4016 x.2001

Lindsey Brannon
Incoming Corporate Referrals
501.978.0902 x.2002



Debbie Robinson
Vice President and Director
901.758.5660 x.661

Cheryl Fortner
Operations Manager
Client Services Manager
901.758.5660 x.363

Mike Schooler
Relocation Accounting Specialist
901.758.5660 x.389

Donna Wiseman
Corporate Listing Team
901.758.5660 x.163

Janie Burt
Corporate Listing Team
901.758.5660 x.386

Brenda Westbrook
Destination Services Manager
901.758.5660 x.361



Jan Harbor
President and Director
615.221.0444 x.608

Cheryl Graham
Operations Manager
615.221.0444 x.328

Michele Barnes
Corporate Homes Manager
615.221.0444 x.630

Teena Perskari
Outgoing Referrals Coordinator
615.221.0444 x.620

Cathi Rowlison
Corporate Relocation Consultant
615.221.0444 x.488

Patti Jones
Destination Services Manager
615.221.0444 x.678


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