Relocation Customer Service Contacts

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Regional Relocation Offices

Atlanta - Serving the Greater Atlanta Area.
5940 Bethelview Road
Cumming, GA 30040
Office: 770.887.5950
Toll-Free: 866.401.8228
Fax: 678.455.7371

Chattanooga - Serving the Greater Chattanooga Area, North Georgia, East TN and Huntsville, AL.
1510 Gunbarrel Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Office: 423.296.1444
Toll-Free: 800.446.2830
Fax: 423.296.1445

Little Rock - Serving the Greater Little Rock Area, Hot Springs, and Northwest AR.
11600 Kanis Road
Little Rock, AR 72211
Office: 501.978.0902
Toll-Free: 866.253.5333
Fax: 501.978.0903

Memphis - Serving the Greater Memphis Area, West TN, East AR and MS.
6525 Quail Hollow, Suite 370
Memphis, TN 38120
Office: 901.758.5660
Toll-Free: 800.243.9922
Fax: 901.758.5690

Nashville - Serving the Greater Nashville Area, Middle TN and Southern KY.
5111 Maryland Way, Suite 206
Brentwood, TN 37027
Office: 615.221.0444
Toll-Free: 800.373.8893
Fax: 615.370.9736


Judy Stocks
Corporate Services
Relocation Director
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East Tennessee / North Georgia / Huntsville, AL

Julie Martin
Relocation Director
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423.296.1444 x.270

Cara Janisch
Referral Manager
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423.296.1444 x.269

Michele Kamp
Corporate Listing Manager
423.296.1444 x.284


Little Rock

Tammy Cheney, CRP, RCC
Vice-President and Director
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501.217.4016 x.2001

Lindsey Brannon
Incoming Corporate Referrals
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501.978.0902 x.2002



Cheryl Fortner
Vice President and Director
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901.758.5660 x.22407

Mike Schooler
Relocation Accounting Specialist
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901.758.5660 x.22413

Janie Burt
Corporate Listing Team
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901.758.5660 x.22410

Brenda Westbrook
Destination Services Manager
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901.758.5660 x.22411



Jan Harbor
President and Director
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Susan Mardon
Operations Manager

Rick Roat
Corporate Homes Manager
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Cathi Rowlison
Corporate Relocation Consultant
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615.221.0444 x.488

Jennifer Hart
Destination Services Coordinator
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Rebekah Zeitlin
Relocation Coordinator


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