What to Look for in an Auctioneer

Selecting an auctioneer is the most important part of assuring that an auction will be successful. When looking for an auctioneer, look for the following traits.

Qualities to Look for in an Auctioneer.

  • Motivation and Initiation - to approach the job with energy and enthusiasm. This is important as they can generate the same enthusiasm in buyers.
  • Empathy and Involvement - to be able to put themselves in the position of the prospect - and evaluate the problems and needs.
  • Integrity and Honesty - to earn the trust of both the seller and the buyer.
  • Adaptability - to respond to needs of prospects and situations that may arise.
  • Flexibility - to be open to new ideas and techniques.
  • Knowledge - to properly sell the product being auctioned. Many auctioneers specialize in certain products and gain a reputation through their ability to sell these products. General auctioneers, on the other hand, have knowledge in a wide range of products. Although product knowledge is important, an auctioneer with the ability to learn quickly and research items can overcome initial lack of product knowledge.