Buying a home requires commitment. It's a big responsibility financially and emotionally. There will be lots of options to consider and choices to make when you think about buying a home. Is now the right time for you to buy a home? Can you afford it? Crye-Leike is ready to help you make those kinds of decisions. In fact, we help thousands of people achieve the "American Dream" every day.



  • It's a good investment. Investors say overwhelmingly that real estate can typically be a safer and better investment than stocks and bonds!


  • Tax savings. Mortgage interest and property taxes are tax-deductible, making tax savings one of the biggest benefits of home ownership. This means that you could possibly pay less tax or you get a bigger tax return.


  • Improvements add value. Unlike rental improvements, when you paint, make additions, or improvements to your home it increases in value.


  • Buying builds equity. Buying a home is good use of your money. As you make payments over time, the equity increases. When renting, you get no return for your money. Once the money is spent, it's gone.


  • Low interest rates. While interest rates are slowly going up, the nation is still experiencing record low rates which allows buyers to buy more house for their money at lower monthly payments.


  • Capital appreciation. Unlike buying a car, or renting... homes (when taken care of) usually appreciate in value.


  • More Space. If you've always wanted that extra room for an office or weight's your chance. Renters typically live in smaller spaces...home buyers have more square footage for their money.


  • The "owned" home is your castle. You control the decor. You can paint and decorate as you like. You can add to the size of your home and make improvements. You will not have to face rent increases

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