Your real estate professional's knowledge of the area and typical buyer concerns will be a great resource as you look to "Buy Smart" in your new location. Here are some questions you may want to ask your sales associate as you consider a specific property.



  • Is this house in a neighborhood which has good resale activity when compared to the resale activity of the overall market?

  • How strongly will competition from nearby builders affect the value of the home in the next three to five years?

  • Did the neighborhood have sales during the past 12 months that support the value of the home?



  • How does the overall condition of the home compare to others that are for sale...and those that have sold?

  • Who can give estimates on the necessary and optional capital improvements and how will improvements affect the value?

  • Who can give estimates for curing the property's deferred maintenance? What are the priority areas and how will the repairs affect the value?

  • When considering redecorating choices, which will appeal to the typical buyer?



  • Are the style, size, and floor plan appealing to the typical buyer in this market?

  • Are the numbers, function, and location of the baths adequate for the price range?

  • Are the kitchen appliances and spaces typical for the price range?

  • Is the quality of trim and cabinetry typical for the price range?

  • Does the property include the amenities expected by the typical buyer, for example, garage space, fireplace, outdoor area, heating and cooling options?