Welcome back to Crye-Leike Insights! We are here to share tips, stories, and wisdom from our Crye-Leike family. Sitting down with a listing agent for the first time can feel a little overwhelming. Tracy Kirkley from our Olive Branch office shared with us what she believes are the 3 most important questions you should ask your potential agent.



How are you going to market my home?

Marketing is very important when it comes to selling a home. Ask your agent what is included in their marketing plan. Crye-Leike's full service marketing department provides the advantage you need in this competitive real estate market.


What's your track record over the last 12 months?

How many homes did you sell? How did that compareto the market average for agents? How quickly do your home sell? And how close do you get to thelist price with a sales price? All of these points will help you get a better idea of what your agents has done for clients in the past.


How much do you think I'm going to make out of the sale of my house?

Now notice we didn't say "How much are you going to list my home for?" So many factors contribute to deciding the list price of a home. When it comes to pricing, you do need to know what they think your home is going to realistically sell for, as well as how they came up with that price.


Good Luck!

Tracy Kirkely
Phone:(901) 210-8045