Price it right, right from the start.

Your property will generate the most attention and showings in the first weeks it's on the market. For the best results, you should list it at a realistic price right from the beginning. If your price is too high relative to the competition, then right buyers will not even look at an otherwise attractive property - particularly during the critical stage of initial market exposure.


Proper Pricing is Important

  • Faster Sale

  • Less Inconvenience

  • Attracts "Cleaner" Financing

  • Attracts Higher Offers

  • Means More Money to Sellers

  • Avoids Being "Shopworn"

  • Better Response from Advertising and Sign Inquiries

  • Increased Sales Associate Response

  • Exposure to More Prospects

Learn the value of your property:

Setting the right price before you list is critical to getting the most for your property and selling it quickly. Having a professional with experience in your neighborhood prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) gives you the facts and insights to set the right price.