You did it; you finally sold your house! Life is a breeze, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the roses. There is just one little issue - you need to pack up your entire life and leave.

Whether you have had to do it ten times or never before, moving out can be one of the most stressful things about selling a home. Keep reading to find out how you can survive the hassle of moving.

Remember, lists can be a life-saver
It can be a great idea to create a checklist to help keep you on track during your move. There are so many variables to moving; it can be hard to remember what needs to be done, and when things need to be done. Check with your Realtor to see if they have a list available for you. If not, you can find pre-made moving checklists on websites such as Pinterest, or take the time to make one yourself. Your checklist should include a timeline for when you should start packing, changing your address, changing over utilities, cleaning, etc.

Choose a moving style
Will you be able to handle the workload on your own? Do you have the means of transportation for a move? You will need to have a plan for how you will move out of your house. You can hire a moving company, rent your own moving trucks/trailers, or do all of it on your own. Think about what you can handle yourself, and what you can afford for outside help if needed.

Gather supplies
Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, box cutters, labels and markers are some of the supplies you are going to want for your move. If possible, try to collect some of these items over time. If you are an online shopaholic, save boxes and packing supplies from what you have ordered! You can also post on social media that you are in need of boxes and other items, or visit local shops that may have free boxes available. Having supplies ready for packing will save you from last-minute trips to the store during your move.

Have a plan for kids and pets
Prior to your move-out day, have a plan in place for your children and pets. You do not want to worry about what your kids and pets are getting into while you are running around the house. It might be a good idea to drop your kids and pets off with a loving friend or family member for the day.

If you do not have that option, then try to find safe ways your kids can participate in move-out day. You will also want to dig out the old pet carriers and get your pet accustomed to being in the car, especially if you have a long ride to the new home. It will ease the stress for the day if they are not anxious during the car ride.

Do a walk-through
You are going to want to do a walk-through more than once during your move-out time. Before you begin to pack, go into each room and really get an idea of what is ahead of you. When you have made some progress, go through again to assess the situation - you are getting closer to freedom, I promise! Most importantly, do one final walk-through to ensure that you are not leaving anything behind. You would not leave a hotel room without checking in the closet and under the bed first for stray items, right? Do the same thing with the house - check all of the rooms, closets, pantries, cupboards, etc.

The infamous purgeIt can be a terrifying experience to come face-to-face with years of built-up clutter. However, once you have come to terms with that, it really is the best feeling in the world to rid your life of unnecessary possessions. When you start to organize and pack-up the rooms in your home, you will find there are tons of items you do not need. Take the time to sort these things. You can donate some of your belongings, host a yard sale to make a quick buck for the move, or just throw out what is unusable. Get rid of the clutter before you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Pack an overnight bag
Before you pack up absolutely everything, make sure to leave out a few items to take with you to your new home. Having an overnight bag with essentials such as a couple changes of clothes, toiletries and electronics will save you the grief of rummaging through boxes that you have already packed away. Make sure to do the same for your children and pets!


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