When selling a home, it is very common to wonder about which renovations, if any, you need to make in order for your home to stand out from the rest. Ideally, to have a Return on Investment (ROI), it is best to stick to small changes that will not cost you a fortune, but will still increase the value of your home. Before making any serious changes, it is always best to talk to your Realtor and/or a contractor to discuss what is worth doing.

Check out these renovations you can make to your home that could have a decent ROI.

1. Painting the walls
An important thing to keep in mind when selling your home is that not everyone is going to like your style - this could include your current color scheme. Repainting the walls in your house can provide a fresh, clean look that is attractive to buyers. Paint the walls neutral colors such as white or light grays to provide a clean pallet for a potential buyer to work with.

2. Upgrading the front door
The front door is the first thing that people see when they enter a home, and the last thing they see when they leave. A fresh coat of paint or a new door entirely can really vamp up the home.

3. Bathroom and kitchen upgrades
A complete remodel of these rooms probably won't be worth the money, but little changes can go a long way. Upgrading faucets, changing cabinet handles, re-caulking the bathtub, installing a new showerhead, or replacing the vanity are all changes that can freshen the look of a room. Upgrading appliances or counter tops can also be beneficial, but it is best to discuss this with your Realtor first to see if it would be worth it. You might not see a ROI with luxurious upgrades.

4. Replacing or cleaning the floors
If your home is already blessed with hardwood floors, it is a great idea to steam and polish them to make them look new. If you don't already have hardwood, installing them would be costly. If your real estate agent advises against installing hardwoods due to the cost, you could consider installing alternatives, such as new engineered vinyl flooring or laminate flooring.

5. Increasing your curb appeal
Remember when we mentioned the front door is important? Well so is the rest of the outside of your home. Trim the bushes and trees, fertilize the lawn, pressure wash or replace your siding, etc. Cleaning up outside will increase your home's curb appeal, but remember to keep it small. Do not try to install an inground swimming pool thinking that you will have a better ROI.


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