By Katie Wainman | February 18, 2020


House hunting can be extremely overwhelming, and you do not want to invest in a home that will have major problems down the road. It is important that as a potential buyer, you are looking beyond the initial wow factor, and keeping an eye out for red flags. Professional home inspections can be a lifesaver, but when you have multiple houses to view, it is helpful to narrow down your decision by looking for the following yourself:

1. A faulty foundation
Nobody wants to move into a home that is actually falling apart. Be aware of any major cracks in the foundation. Cracks can usually be found in the basement of the home and are a sign of serious structural damage. You can also examine the doorframes. If the frames are not square or have difficulty closing, it could mean the structure has shifted in some way.

2. Ceiling and wall stains
Stains on the walls or ceilings are not just an unattractive quality in a home, but they can indicate that there is or was a serious issue. It is important for a potential buyer to investigate the cause of the stains with the seller. It could be water damage from a leak that has since been repaired, or it could still be an ongoing issue that will cost you thousands of dollars in the future.

3. Random paint patches
Visible stains are an obvious issue, but you also need to look for cover-ups. If you happen to see a patch of new paint on the wall or ceiling, it is best to inquire about that. Realtors often suggest to sellers to repaint their walls to provide a new look, so it should be concerning if only one wall was painted or a patch of new paint exists. It could mean that the seller is trying to hide something.

4. Bugs and pests
Termites, mice, roaches and other creepy crawlies do not make for ideal roommates. While touring a home, you might be able to indicate if there is a pest issue yourself, but considering a separate inspection for this is highly recommended as well. Pests can cause serious damages to a home, and you do not want to be responsible for the bill later in life.

5. Mold
Mold can be extremely damaging to your health. If you are walking through the house and there is a clear mold issue, this is something you will want to take into consideration. Basements, attics and bathrooms are prime areas for mold to grow. You can remedy mold, but it will be costly. You can also hire a company to perform a mold test, or have an inspector come in to help discover any mold issues.

The bottom line is, always check for red flags before making the costly commitment to a house. If you found your dream home, an inspection from a professional can save you a lot of hassle in the future.
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