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Sell a Business

Thank you for considering Crye-Leike Business Brokers, to help you sell your business. We are Business Brokers and Merger & Acquisition specialists, working with Main Street to mid-market companies.

Effectively selling a company is a complex process. One that requires honest answers to a number of questions.

Determining the price is important. If the price is too high, the business will not sell and if too low, money is left on the table. The market ultimately determines the selling price, so it's important to value your business correctly and list the business in the appropriate price range.

When it comes time to sell your business, the two best decisions you can make are:

  1. Focus all your energies on managing your business efficiently and profitably, and,
  2. Retain the services a of a professional team to handle the many complexities of valuing, marketing and negotiating the deal to a close.

This is where we come in. Crye-Leike Business Brokers adheres to a detailed and proven process to prepare your business for sale in order to obtain the maximum value at closing.

Click here to contact Crye-Leike and request a complimentary review and recommendations.

Steps in a seller representation engagement:

To better illustrate our process, below is an outline of the services we provide our seller-clients.

  • Meet to survey the business and get seller's expectations
  • Assist in arriving at a listing price
  • Determine appropriate level of confidentiality
  • Enter exclusive listing arrangement
  • Market business through numerous channels
  • Evaluate offers, assist with negotiations
  • Review contract and assist with close

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Business

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Business

I need the sale of my business to be kept confidential. How can we maintain confidentiality? How long will it take to sell my business? Should I have a Valuation performed on my business, and will that ensure getting the best price?


Confidentiality - Confidentiality is an absolute requirement for a successful sale.

When confidentiality is broken, your business can be adversely affected by: key employees feeling unsure of job security and looking for another job, customers wondering if you will be there for their future needs and competitors 'advertising' the sale of your business so as to pull your customers away.

Crye-Leike Business Brokers maintains multiple safeguards to insure that the sale of your business is kept confidential. No potential buyers will learn any particulars of your business without signing multiple documents, which hold them responsible if they break the confidentiality agreement.

Our system protects the identity of you and your organization by marketing your company only to those buyers that you have pre-approved. Once a non-disclosure agreement is obtained, we provide them with a Confidential Information Memorandum - a complete report giving them the details necessary to move forward, without revealing your identity. You are informed of any progress made with any and all buyers. Also, many other policies are adhered to in order to keep the sale of your business out of the 'public eye'.

Business Continuity - Throughout this process, we manage every aspect of marketing and getting your business sold - all while keeping you informed. This affords you the ability to maintain focus on running your business, so its value is not diminished.

Valuation - Putting a value on a business is complex because every business is different, with hundreds of variables that impact its worth. We possess the knowledge and tools necessary to develop an appropriate value range for your business. It is necessary to have this information so you will know that the offer, you are receiving, is an acceptable one.

Marketing - Your company is strategically placed in the market to all investors, both financial and strategic, which may be in acquisition mode. We present the key values that buyers look for, and can assist in identifying changes that maximize value.

It is important to reach a large number of potential buyers because this will provide a more competitive environment. We research multiple data banks to create the largest possible list of legitimate buyers. Again, you will approve this list before we proceed with the marketing effort.

Due Diligence - Once a purchase agreement is signed we will assist you in planning the sequence of events for customer, employee and vendor notification. We also assist our clients through any due diligence to ensure time-lines are kept en route to a close. Also, we can provide recommendations for legal and financial representation.

Please note that our services are offered and conducted in the most confidential manner. We know from experience that there are two things that you are looking for in the sale of your company. You want to know that you were fairly compensated and that you have left your company, employees and customers in honorable hands.

Click here to contact Crye-Leike and request a complimentary review and recommendations.

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